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    Today the ocean was flat and glossy so as usual we headed for the pacific. Early in the trip we spotted some whales breaching. It was two whales that were breaching in unison. They continued to breach and slap for almost 2 hours and we watched the spectacular show we could still see many whales off in the distance. We decided to head north and stopped the boat, turn off the engines and drop the hydrophone.

    There were whales singing both near and far, their song strange and wonderful. To our amazement as we listened in awe we realized that there were more that . 8 whales around the boat, some breaching, some traveling and one even swam right under the . Boat, her beautiful white pectoral fins glistening in the clear water. After a while we went to chum, our Captain was chumming from the boat and Leah and I got in the water to see what we had attracted. A school of about 20 ocean Trigger fish swam past and we followed them into the blue, suddenly two juvenile whales swam right past us, turning in the water as to say hello. We swam back to the boat and saw these two juvenile whales breaching close by. We counted more than 20 whales today! We didn’t see any sharks but it was a whale of day.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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