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    Today was the first sunny day we have had a while and as ocean glistened in the morning light I knew it was going to be one of those magical days. We decided to go out to our lucky spot 210 degrees out from the arch. We headed out into the open blue ocean in the gentle swell, as we cruised along we came across 4 different stripped marlins, some swimming close to the boat and others jumping 3 feet in the air, its always exciting to see the marlin away from the fishermen. Further along we found two Olive Ridley sunning on the surface.

    Since our lucky spot was not so lucky today, we started to head back to the coast, a few miles before land we encountered a young male humpback breaching and fin slapping. He had a very repetitive series of actions, he would fluke slap, then lie on his back and fin slap with both of his pectoral fins, then turn again and fluke down and finally do two big breaches. He repeated this pattern over and over. One of the main reasons the Humpback whales come to this area is to mate. This male was most likely showing off trying to attract a mate.

    As we were watching the whales we got THAT call, the one we always want to get: ORCAS!!!!
    A fisherman friend of ours called the captain to let us know there were 9 Orca heading west, not too far from us. The excitement exploded on the boat, we held on tight and sped to the area where they had been spotted. Strait away we spot them from a distance. The beautiful strong and tall dorsal fin of the Orca Male stood our against the low sun. The male was leading the group, about 150 meters behind 8 Orcas were following, these were females or juvenile males who have not developed their tall dorsal fin yet. The pod was traveling rather quickly along the surface of the water. The male would come up and then a few seconds later the rest if the pod would follow. The conditions were perfect and we had the opportunity to share the water with them. We jumped in the water as the group of 8 flew by, The Orcas really turn to look and observe us as they pass. Sharing the water with these incredibly intelligent and powerful animals is something that can not be described with words.

    It was late and the sky started to turn bright red as the sun went over the horizon, we said goodbye to the Orca pod as they traveled towards the sunset and made our way home. There was a beautiful silence as we all contemplated what we had just witnessed.
    A truly magical day on the ocean.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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