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    Pelagic Friends ! The winter season is going great so far, with numerous humpback whale sightings. The Humpback Whale population in Cabo San Lucas reaches its peak in January. Many  pregnant females returned to give birth and nurse their calves.
    On Tuesday, we started our adventure by traveling SE on the Cortez side. For the past few weeks we have frequently been seeing adult Humpback Whales around Cabo and we thought we may be able to find them this day. The 40-ton male humpback is a master of showmanship, putting on grand displays of surface breaches, singing songs that can travel up to 20 miles, escorting females, or fighting off rivals. While it’s commonly assumed that the purpose of the male’s song is to attract a female, there’s actually very little evidence that proves this claim. In most cases, a male singing is often met by another male. This complex behavior has been studied extensively, however many still do not fully understand its function other than that it coincides with mating season.
    Today was a great example of why we never stop scanning the water as we travel through Los Cabos. The conditions were amazing! We had a flat sea all around us! After just a few minutes out,  Cabo rewarded us with an encounter with adult humpback whales! During the day we sighted mamas & calfs as males with courting beahivour.
    We were out from 8am to 12pm, on a Morning Safari with some other beautiful marine encounters with Dolphins & sea lions 
    We saw more than 20 humpbacks on this pelagic safari!  The Energy was all around!!!
    We look forward to seeing you aboard soon! Interested in more information?
    Pelagic Safari Team


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