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    Today we went in search of dolphins and wow did the ocean deliver! We left the marina mid morning and headed SE to the deep blue ocean. We were spotting many whales blows all around us and it felt like there was a lot of life in the water.

    Passing San Jose we spotted something jumping in the distance, It was a pod of about 40 Spinner dolphins. The spinner dolphins and beautifully and slender and their acrobatics are unmistakable. As they headed south they would jump sometimes 5 at a time, doing spins and flips in the air. Not long after we spotted more dolphins, these were bottle nose dolphins. Again it was A very large pod of maybe 50 members. The cruised by quickly and some even joined us bow riding with our boat. As the group slowed down they were displaying some interesting behaviors, some were spyhoping, some tail slapping, it was like they were inviting us into the water. We got ready but as soon as we wanted to jump in the dolphins started moving fast again. We zipped up ahead and jumped in the water, hoping to spot them as they passed. At this moment the large pod of dolphins swam past us and to our amazement 4 juvenile humpback whales were behind them. The dolphins clearly wanted to play with the whales and were much more interested in them than us!

    It an incredibly lucky thing to be able to watch two different species interacting.

    The ocean is full of amazing things.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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