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    whale watching cabo


    Today we went out with the guests from WWF and their marine biologist, Just as we lift the marina we spotted some whales. They were two who were slapping their tales and pectoral fins. As more boats approached we moved on to some other whales that were not far. This time the whales came very close to the oat. We turned off the engine and waited from the surface as they turned and played in the clear water. They came under the boat 3 or 4 times, their white fins glowing in the sun. They were likely courting, until suddenly one whale breached, full body out of the water. We left them to their business and went of for some more whales closer to the coast. These whales were resting and coming up to breath every few minuets in the same spot.

    At 10.30 our captain got a call on the radio; someone had spotted sperm whales in the pacific. We headed over their quickly and couldn’t believe our luck. A pod of 12 Sperm whales were traveling slowly on the surface. Their blow is very different to that of a humpback and the way the move on the water is spectacular, you can immediately see and feel the power of these beautiful whales. As they moved they would go down just 2 or 3 meters below the surface and come up of breath almost in unison every 6 minuets.

    We couldn’t believe how lucky we are to see these rare and elusive whales just next to us.

    This is the reason we Love the Safari; EXPECT THE UN EXPECTED!

    Pelagic Safari Team


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