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    Today was one of those days that reminded us why we love Baja so much. We left the marina eager to see what the ocean had for us. We started with some sea lions playing around the boat. In the Pacific we came across a group of 6 whales swimming in unison, near the Faro we spotted a small breach, but there was something different about this whale, as we got closer we saw it was a grey whale. He was about 8m in length and was breaching in the shallow water and close by another humpback whale was doing some head lobs. It a beautiful sight to see how different these two types of whales are, how they move and interact.

    As we continued on our we spotted 2 marlins jumping repeatedly out of the water, their blue stripes shinning in the sun.

    We headed out to our shark spot for the day 9 miles of shore. As we headed south we saw a small splash, then another and another a pod of about 50 spinner dolphins flying 1 meter out of their water and showing us their usual impressive acrobatics. There where even some very young and small dolphins jumping. As we headed to get closer a pod of 10 Pantropical Spotted dolphins joined our boat to bow ride for a few minuets. We jumped in the water and they came over for a quick look before disappearing into the blue.

    So we continued to our spot, still 4 miles away and finally started chumming. We used freshly caught yellow fin Tuna from the local fishermen and within just 40min we spotted out fist Shark a large 2-2.5m female BLUE SHARK.

    We gave her some time to get sued to he surroundings and eagerly got in the water. She was loving our chum box, biting and rubbing on it, occasionally coming around to check us humans out and then back to the smelly fish.


    After about 30min with her another much younger and slender Blue shark came over. This one was much more cautious and would back away from the larger shark, instead he would swim around below us, looking up at us with his beautiful big eye. These sharks stayed with us for more than 2 hours. We had some very close and intimate encounters with both sharks; it’s easy to fall in love as they observe the most beautiful natural shade of blue.

    An unforgettable day on the ocean.

    Pelagic Safari Team.


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