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    Today we had the Amancay freeedivers back on the boat for an adventure.

    The sun was shining and glistening on the calm waters of the sea of Cortez as we headed toward the East Cape.
    On the way North East into the sea of Cortez we were thrilled with the spectacle of the Humpback whales beaching all over the horizon. Once we arrived in the bay everyone got ready for some blue water freediving. These divers have been doing their freedive training just to come our and explore the waters on Baja California.

    As we were diving in our buddy pairs we got a big surprise a humpback calf was intrigued by our splashing and came up to have a look. The water visibility was about 10m so she appeared quite close to us coming out of the blue. The young calf was beautiful and graceful, It swam all around us, diving down just 5m and coming back to the surface. It even poked its head out of the water in a behavior known as “spy hopping” to check out our captain too, who was eagerly watching from the boat. The Little whale stayed and interacted with us for a while, showing us all side of her beautiful body. Looking at us water humans right in the eye. After about 20min the mother whale swam over to pick up her calf taking a breath just meters away and then the two of them graciously disappeared into the blue. It was a magical and intimate moment for everyone.

    With all the excitement we got back onto the boat for a rest and it seemed that our calf friend was also excited from the interaction. About 100 meters away, the little calf began to breach as mom whale swam gently beside. The little calf continued to show off on the surface with small breached and head lobs for over an hour. The mother whale did one large breach, bringing almost her entire body out for the water, so as to teach her young calf how its done.
    Mother whales and Calf have an amazing bond. They spend a whole year side by side and depend on each other. It was very special for us to witness this love and bond first hand.

    We spent cruising around the blue, we spotted Olive Ridley turtles and Marlins breaching.

    As the sun started to get lower in the sky we got in the water for one last freedive and were once again greeted by some whales. This time 3 adult whales swam under us at about 10m of depth, their bright white pectoral fins glowing in the sunlight.

    Another magical day on Pelagic Safari

    Pelagic Safari Team.


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