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    cabo whale watching


    Pelagic Humans! Yesterday we left the harbour at 12pm and the conditions were not the best on the Pacific side so we decided to sail to the Sea of Cortez where the wind and waves conditions were better.

    We had the honour to have Pepe Soho as a guest, a professional photographer based in Tulum with an amazing project upcoming… Pepe Soho describes his photographs as a love-letter to nature; through her he succeeded in healing his life… visit his website to understand better about this increible artist:

    Just some minutes later sailing a newborn humpback whale was playing and breaching on a very clumsy but adorable way besides her beautiful and majestic mum. Not everyday you have the privilege to witness these type of natural love events.

    After a couple of hours sailing the coast line we decided to go a few miles off shore to look for for some big mammals.

    We saw a lot, and when we say a lot, is a lot, we saw more more than 20 humpback whales, crossing in groups on their way south.

    Here’s the best part of the Safari, an unexpected moment during the sunset.

    Colors and humpbacks were the highlights.

    The color of the ocean was constantly changing from the reflection of the sky and clouds. Humpbacks were breaching while the sun was going down showing us how incredible nature can be when all elements are combined.

    We had a beautiful afternoon surrounded by powerful animals and enthusiastic humans.

    Pelagic Safari Team.


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