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    This week we have been exploring the open ocean with well known Mexican photographer Pepe Soho on his personal project involving the 3 biggest sanctuaries in Mexico. The monarch butterfly, the firefly’s and now, the majestic humpback whales.
    Pepe and Pelagic safari set out on a six day mission to capture some magical shots of humpbacks in the low afternoon light.
    The past week has been quite windy which has not been favorable to the mission, but that doesn’t mean we have not seen some wonderful things.

    When the sea surface is choppy the humpbacks like to show off a bit more on the surface. While they don’t spent much time on the surface breathing so they can be hard to spot, we do see more breaching and slapping. During the last 6 days we have had the opportunity to witness humpbacks in all kinds of behaviors.

    Whales use fluke and fin slapping as a form of communication, but can also do it to clean off parasites, sort of how we scratch!

    We have spotted whales fluke slapping, fin slapping, and sometimes slapping both pectoral fins at the same time, when they are doing this they are lying on the surface belly up.

    These whales have incredible body control and everything they do seems completely effortless. Humpback whales weigh up to 40tons and it is astonishing to watch an animal of this size rise up into the air. Over the last days we have witnessed all kinds of different breaches in the sunset light. Making fabulous memories and artistic photos for Pepe.

    One of the most special sites of the week have been the calf’s. As the Humpback season in Mexico reaches its peak. Many pregnant momma whales have been giving birth in the Shallow coastal waters of Cabo. To see a mother whale bonding with its calf is a truly magical sight. We have spotted 3 calf’s in the last 6 days. Since the calf’s can not hold their breaths for very long, the whales spend much more time on the surface, giving us an extra special view. On Friday evening as the sun was setting a young calf only about 5m long breached its whole body into the sunset glow, it was magical.

    It has been beautiful to spend this week in the sunset light with Pepe and the Humpback whales and we eagerly wait to see how he has captured the magic in his upcoming show!

    Pelagic Safari Team


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