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    This week we shared the ocean with the wonderful Yogis of Copra Yoga Miami.
    We spent four days of adventure and whale watching in the beautiful blue ocean of Cabo San Lucas. We had many magical moments along the way

    One morning and were greeted with a spectacle of a breaching whale. This whale was likely to be a male doing a call to attract a female. He was breaching full body out of the water, and slapping his pectoral fins and Fluke with great force on the surface of the water. We stayed with him for a while as we watched the power of these 40ton animals. We left him to continue trying his luck for a mate and went on to find another group of whales. This time we came across two younger whales that were calmly cruising along the surface, They were not moving in any particular direction and after they got used to our presence, they seemed to quite like the attention. The whales moved slowly below the surface just a few feet form our boat. We could see the beautiful white fins glowing in the shallow water as they circled around us. This was most magical and exciting. The whales really got interested in us and were moving their flukes in and out of the water very very slowly as to show off their beauty to us. One whale popped its head out of the water in a behavior known as spy hopping. It brought its enormous head out of the water just next to the boat having a peak at all of its admirers

    In the lower warmer afternoon light we spotted a whale breaching in the distance, we headed towards it but were stopped in our tracks by another group of whales. It was a mother, a Calf and an escort, They were traveling slowly west towards the pacific ocean. The mother was slowly cruising a few meters below the surface keeping an eye on her calf. The calf was having fun and showing off to its mother how good it was getting a breaching, the calf did not tire and for about an hour. It breached and slapped the surface with joy. Quietly the escort followed below them deeper and only coming up for breath every 15 or 20 min.

    One day we decided to head to Chileno reef to cool off and swim amongst the corals. The whole time we were in the water we could hear the whales singing in the distance, the deeper the water got, the louder the song, soon we were all floating in the surface in the middle of the bay listening and absorbing the penetrating sound waves of the whale song. The whale who was singing could not have been far from us. As we lay on the surface of the water our bodies would vibrate in rhythm. A memorable moment for all of us. Once the song stopped we climbed back onto the boat. To no surprise the whale started singing again, what was suspiring was that we could hear it from the boat, Outside of the water! That’s how loud it was. The sound waves created little ripples on the surface and as everyone watched in awe, we spotted it. There he was. We had drifted right over the spot where the whale was singing. From the boat we could see the glowing white of his pectoral fins and the faint outline of his large body. Whale song is considered one of the most complex forms of non human communication.

    One of the most magical moments with our yogis was the last day when we were near the bay of San José. A surprise in water encounter with a mother and her calf. We were once again cooling off in the shallow waters of the bay admiring a school of amber jacks. A dark shadow appeared in front of us, it was a large female humpback whale, just as she moved into the light her small calf came up from underneath her. The calf’s are born with a much lighter color, so you can see a lot more detail in thier body. The small calf intrigued by us came quite close for a look. They both swam to the surface for a breatn and dove back down in unison, the little calf slowly slipped back under its mother and they glided once again out of sight. The mother whales spend a whole year with their calf teaching them to swim, breach, eat and many other whale behaviors. The calfs often swim below their mothers to help them stay down and stop them from floating up to the surface.

    When we are already in the water and these animals come over to have a look, completely on their terms, there is a special bond built between us and them. It is pure magic.

    The humpback whales of Baja California Sur remind us of how lucky we are to share with ocean with them


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