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    Today we had a wonderful whale watching safari.
    San Jose has a very shallow bay where the mothers like to spend time teaching their calfs. Its the main breeding ground in the Cabo area and as we are in the middle of February many many calfs are taking their first breaths and first breaches around here.
    We left the marina nice and early and headed straight to San Jose. On the way we spotted many whales, but we focused on our goal for today which was to see the humpback calfs.

    As we arrived in Palmilla we saw a tiny splash in the distance, we slowly headed in that direction to check it out and suddenly straight ahead of us a huge whale breached. As we had expected it was a mother whale with her calf.
    The mother was teaching her calf. She would breach, then the calf would breach. She would slap her fluke, then the calf would copy. They continued this behavior for over and hour. The mother would sometimes go down for 15min but the calf wouldn’t tire from playing on the surface. The two whales then stopped. They would breath for a second then very very slowly sink down in the exact same spot. We turned off the motors to watch the bonding of the mother and calf. Then, something magical happened. As if the mother was teaching the calf to swim on its back, she lifted the calf up with her head and with the tip of her head rolled the calf over onto its back. Then she lay hear head on the calfs now upside down fluke as if trying to stabilize and balance it. The calf looked a little uncomfortable and suddenly spun round back to its natural position. With a little patience the mother slowly sank down and did it again.

    The love and intelligence of these animals is breath taking and a true gift to whiteness.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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