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    Today we set out with sharks on our mind and headed to one of chum spots: Cabeza Ballena. We have had some very strong winds in the Pacific lately so there are limited options for chumming. But with good faith we started to spread the slick line into the water. The conditions were perfect, but the sharks didn’t come.
    We were thoroughly entertained by the incredible Shearwater birds we attracted. These birds are incredible swimmers, they can dive into the water and stay down for up to a minuet. They have great eye sight and can see the fish scraps in the water, they dart around catching the fish scraps from our chum as they fall from the surface. These birds are truly incredible. The 30 squawking Seagulls that had also been attracted to our boat are absolutely no match for the Shearwaters.

    After 3 hours we gave up and decided to head into shore close to chileno bay where there is little current and we could all jump into the water to practice some freediving. The visibility was not great on the surface but was we dove down it turned a beautiful blue and that’s where we spotted a mother and calf resting. They were hanging at 7m, the calf’s pectoral fins just peaking out from under its mothers giant body. After 10min, the calf slid out from under her mother and came up for some air, the mother followed. They were barely moving, everything looked completely effortless. They took a breath on the surface and then came back down together. Once again barely moving their body and fins, they slowly sank back down to 7m and the calf slipped under its mother once again. A magical sight to whiteness.

    If we don’t lose faith the ocean always gives us wonderful gifts.
    Another amazing day on pelagic Safari.

    Pelagic Safari Team


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