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    Mako sharks are back and with them amazing projects happening at PELAGIC SAFARI !
    This last 2 weeks we had on board on several safaris Steve De Neef  & Regi Domingo for the creation of a film to call all humans to help convince all governments & citizens to include makos in Appendix II of the PROPOSAL at this year’s world CITES conference in Sri Lanka !
    Mako sharks are listed as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. They are reported to be among the most heavily fished sharks in the world mainly as result of bycatch in the tuna and swordfish fisheries. However, significant demand for shark fin soup & their meat has led to them being increasingly targeted in pelagic shark fisheries.
    We belive they worth more alive, with appropriate conservation policies, sharks can begin their recovery, a road that could be both enjoyable and profitable through ecotourism. Shark tourism can change your mind about these predators, once you share the water with them you will see they are beautiful creatures and the fastest shark in our oceans but sadly they are loosing this race… Like many top predators, this species is in decline and continues to be overfished. It’s meat is known to be high in mercury, something that can have detrimental health effects to humans. We encourage everyone not to eat shark meat & join ecotourism as creating a successful business model that can be reproduced in other destinations we believe that we can make a genuine contribution to shark conservation and Mako Sharks.
    Pelagic Safari Team


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