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    Today’s plan was to find some sharks. The mako season is here and going strong.
    On our way to the shark spot we came across 2 different whales. We stopped to watch as one of the was slapping its pectoral fins, It did one large breach just before we headed off. Before we made it to the shark spot we spotted more than 10 turtles. One green turtle was very calm on the surface, we got close and it did not seem bothered so we got in the water to have a face to face look. The seaturtle stayed with us for a few minuts, it had many barnacles on its face a shell and looked like it was quite mature.

    We chummed for 2 hours and just as our divers were starting to lose hope a small mako showed up. He was darting around checking out all of our chumming toys and we quickly suited up and got in the water. The mako was extremely intense, like he wanted to be everywhere at the same time. We got well positioned on the safety line and watched him speed in and out of sight. After about 40min a second shark showed up. This one was also a juvenile male. The original Mako tried to chase him away but he was not successful and after a few minuets they both came back. These two little sharks were loving the chum. They moved quickly in every direction and came close to check us out. Their shinny blue backs glistened in the sunlight, as they checked out the Shearwaters and seagulls that confidently sat on the surface.

    The wind and swell started to pick up so we ended the day watching whales cruise all around us.

    Today was an exciting and adrenaline packed day. The sharks were as excited as we were.
    Another fantastic day on the ocean.

    Pelagic Safari Team


    Visibility: Very good
    Wind am: 4-8kts
    Wind pm: 6-11kts
    Wind: SE
    Current: low NW
    TEMP 22º/71,6F


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