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    Today we had Just as short whale watching safari. We headed out from the Marina and spotted a whale almost straight away. She was moving very slowly and would sink effortlessly down the from the surface. We watched in amazement as the 40 whale disappeared barely making a ripple in the water. Since we were still close to the marina we left the whale before the many other whale watching boats surrounded us.

    We headed to Palmille a spot where we have been seeing many mothers with calf’s. On our way there we spotted 5 turtles. 4 Olive Riddley and one Green.The Turtles are arriving and we look forward to seeing more of them over the next moths.

    Once we arrived in Palmille we found what we were looking for; A mother whale with her calf. The mother seemed to be teaching the whale some surface behaviors. The mother would breach and then the young calf would follow. Later the mother would fluke slap and the little whale would copy. They continued doing this for more than an hour. The young calf did not tire of playing and learning. Calf’s spend a whole year right next to their mothers as the grow and learn from them each step of the way.
    On our way back to the marina we spotted at least 10 more whales, we spotted a competition group of bout 6 males. They were moving fast and sometimes head lobbing as they came up to breath. This is another amazing whale behavior we witness in Cabo. The males compete with each other in order to get the chance to mate with the desired female. Its amazing to watch from the surface, but in reality the whales are being quite aggressive with each other as they dive down.

    Thank you to these amazing mammals that bring such magic to Cabo in the winter months.

    Pelagic Safari Team


    Viz: Good
    Current: Medium SW
    Wind: 3-7kts SW


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