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    Orcas! That’s the first thing we heard this morning as we climbed into the mobula for another pelagic Safari! An air of excitement moved through everyone and we headed out of the Marina.
    Cabeza Ballena 2 miles out, those were the indications we were give, this is just 15 min away. We held on tight and sped over to the spot, the first thing we spotted was the magnetic tall dorsal fin of the leading male, it protruded out of the water full of power as he led the pod. Just a few meters behind him another male came to the surface, his dorsal fin already strait and tall, but was obviously a younger male of the pod. Finally a couple of minutes after there’s of the pod surfaced; Everyone gasped! Their behavior was different to that we have seen before, they were moving in every direction and would sometimes swim directly towards our boat. We stayed with the pod for over an hour in complete amazement of what we whiteness. It is very likely that these Orcas were hunting, in search of a young whale calf. Seeing a male Orca is something that you never forget. After a while when the orcas calmed down and were moving slower, we managed to get close to the male. As he moved slowly parallel to us, we knew trhis was our chance, we jumped in! As we slid into the water everything goes silent. This huge animal moves with such power and grace. We swam next to him for a couple of minuets before he dove down and disappeared into the blue. The Orcas display such power and Peace at the same time that it takes your breath away. We swam with him a couple more times before leaving him to go back to his pod and continue on their quest.

    We thought the day couldn’t get much better, but as we headed closer to shore we came across a pair of humpback whale courting. The moved and intertwined with each other on the surface like a dance.

    We ended the day with a Arial display of humpback whales breaching, taking their entire 40ton body out of the water.

    This is what we live for.
    This is what calls us to the ocean every day.
    This is Pelagic Safari.

    Wind: medium
    wind: am SW pm SE
    Current: unsure
    Temp: 22


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