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    This was a special Pelagic Safari, hosting Federico Forletta  filming a documentaries series called “ Last Paradise “; The marine and terrestrial ecosystems of  Baja California  is unique on this planet as treasure-troves of biodiversity where aesthetic beauty is combined perfectly with points of  cultural and scientific interest. This is a journey to discover an incredible place, inhabited by amazing  creatures, where the government is aware of its importance and fragility, and is strongly committed to protecting the environment by making Baja California one of ”Last Paradise ”.

    We’ve had really windy weather here these past few days, but we are expecting beautiful weather in the near future. Even through the windy weather we have had some amazing trips with many Pelagic animals coming to visit us. We’ve been seeing humpback whales during all of our safaris lately, and also mako sharks, blue sharksmarlins!
    Mako & Blue Shark activity is all around! This week we had a beautiful male blue shark of that swam with us for more than two hours. He was extremely elegant & calm at the same time! Blue sharks are known as excellent swimmers.
    After the male blue shark we had more unexpected visitors! 2 more blues were swimming with us! and finally a shy mako shark!
    We are still seeing humpback whales every day at Pelagic Safari around Los Cabos, but by the end of April, most of our baleen tourists will begin the long journey home toward Alaskan waters where the food supplies are plentiful.

    We had an amazing  2 days with Federico Floretta, he is one of the most inspiring and motivational humans we have encountered and have had the pleasure to host!

    Pelagic Safari Team



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