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    Today was a WOW day, one of those days we will never forget.
    Today we had the pleasure of going out with Indigo Safaris, we had 10 people, on two boats. as we left the marina we headed into the pacific to try our lick with some whales. The whales are already leaving Mexico and heading north so its a real pleasure to still find them and we were lucky. We were far from shore and found a young whale about 12m long it was happily breaching it was cruising north breaching every few minuets, and doing some pectoral fins slaps as if to say BYE!
    After this beautiful encounter we started to head to our shark point. The journey there came with many treats. First we spotted a marlin jumping 10 feet out of the water, three time in a row, then as we stopped to watch the marlin we spotted a fin on the surface. A majestic smooth hammerhead cruised buy us slowly, we also spotted 5 olive Riddley turtles. The giant pyrosomes are arriving and we have already spotted many turtles ready to feed on them.
    Finally we arrived to our spot 9 miles off shore and began to chum. We decided to chum with both boats close together, the more chum the better we say: This was defiantly the correct decision. After 2hours of chumming there first Blue Shark appeared. The first group got in the water and the next Blue Shark showed up, then the next and the next… Within one hour we had 9 BLUE SHARKS with us!
    The sharks stayed mostly at 6meters depth but would often come up to the surface for a closer look.
    It was absolutely spectacular to have all of these sharks as interested in us as we are in them!
    Oh what a sight!

    Another unbelievable day on Pelagic Safari!


    wind: 1-4kts
    wind: E
    Current: low/med
    viz: 5-8M
    Temp: 22-23C


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