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    Today was another beautiful day in the water. The spring is coming in to Cabo so we have been enjoying some hot days and perfectly blue skies.
    We left the Marina and passed by to say hello to our favorite Sea Lion. Every morning he sits a top a small rock coming out of the water known as Lands End, the most southern point of the Baja Peninsula. He loves to basking the sunlight and is quite the poser.

    We made our way into the pacific ocean to look for some whales, As the whales start to head north we are trying to soak up as much hump back love as possible before the end of the season. There were plenty of whales around and we were lucky to find one large adult whale breaching. As we cruised along the pacific ocean we were joined by a large pod of common dolphins who enjoyed riding our bow and playing with our boat.
    We came to our chumming spot the Cardonal and started the challenge of attracting sharks. After just 40min the first Mako Showed up, we jumped in the water, but he was not in the mood for a party and didn’t stick around long. We weren’t left alone though, a little while later a large male blue shark showed up. He was quite inquisitive and liked to get personal, it always so much fun to be with Blue sharks in the water. After about one hour the blue shark had had enough and disappeared into the blue. Still this was not the end, just 10 min later 2 large Mako sharks showed up. Both the Makos came in with a lot of energy but after a few minuets got used to us, they were also very curious. They also stayed for about 1 hour. It was a very nice and personal interaction with the sharks. As usual they were as interested in us as we are in them.

    As the sun got lower we headed back to the marina and ended the day with a mother and calf whale, the calf breaching joyfully as the mother calmly swam below.

    Another amazing day on Pelagic Safari.

    Pelagic Safari Team.


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