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    As the whale season really starts to draw to an end we are trying to soak up as much whale as we can.
    The amazing humpback whales that visit us every winter are getting ready to head back to their northern feeding grounds. Their time in Mexico is spent, mating, reproducing and most importantly resting.
    These animals have one of the longest migrations on the planet and winter is their vacation time. It is also an important place for this population of humpbacks since it is one of their most important breeding grounds. Here new whales are brought into the world, here is where they take their first breathes and slap their first tale. The mothers and calf’s spend all day teaching and learning.

    We got to experience the magic of the young humpback calf’s first hand today, seeing the calf copying every slap the mother did. The swam almost in unison and created a beautiful moment for us to enjoy. We also got to see many other adult whales throughout the day.

    We tried our luck with the sharks and we got a big surprise. We had a large Galapagos shark show up. It was a big dominant shark very excited by the chum.
    We jumped in the water with him for about 30min, we was very interested in us, almost as much as we were in him.
    This is a very rare shark for us to see out in the open ocean her in cabo.

    An extra ordinary day on Pelagic Safari!

    Pelagic Safari Team


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