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    Whales Whales whales
    Just when we thought the whale season was really coming to an end, the humpback whales put on quite a show.
    We saw whales of all sizes swimming calmly, breaching and slapping on the surface. They were out in full force.
    We spent the morning with a mother, her calf and the escort and they playfully moved along the surface, the calf breached while mother was slapping and turning in the water, they came very close to the boat and even swam underneath us.
    We are really going to miss these amazing displays

    Our divers really wanted to see a Blue shark as they had never swam with one before and as per their request the blue shark came. In the open ocean we have to be open to what the ocean will give us and its not always what we want or what we expect.
    But today the ocean listened to our wish. We interacted with one of the most beautiful blue sharks I have ever seen. His dorsal surface was all shade of blue and as he glided around the surface it glistens magically in the sun light, he was clam and curios, and a pleasure to be around. This shark was more interested in us humans than anything else going on in the water, never went to bite the bait and always stayed in close range. His big eye, so bright and deep we could get lost in it.

    Thank you to the ocean for today’s gifts.

    Pelagic Safari Team


    Wind: 3-8 NW
    Current : low  w,viz: excellent
    Temp: 22 C / 71 F


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