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    We have come to the point in the year where the air gets hotter and hotter and the water gets colder and colder. Making perfect conditions for being out on Safari. Us humans like the warm sun and the sharks like the cold water.
    On our way to our shark spot in the pacific ocean we stopped to say hi some whales heading north, luckily they were pretty much the only whales that were active on the surface, the who adults doing some pectoral fin slaps and slow movements of their Fluk. Oh the gracefulness of these animals. In the distance we saw a Mako shark breach 5 Ft out of the water, this ignited our excitement for shark chumming and set out on our way again. Over the course of the day we spotted 3 different Mako shark breaches.

    We chummed at one of our pacific spots where the water is a beautiful deep blue. The conditions were perfect! A little bit of wind, a little bit of swell, and a little bit of current! We could feel that it was going to be a good day! With less than one hour of chumming we got the first shark. A very small juvenile Mako, less than a meter long. It was exciting to see a small shark, these are usually the more excited ones. Unfortunately he didn’t stick around, We were ready to get in the water but the shark suddenly swam off into the sun and didn’t come back. Then I saw a shadow coming out from under the boat and I understood why he left. A very big blue shark, one of the biggest we have ever seen, appeared, and he was hungry. We got in the water and this beautiful huge shark was staying steadily under the stream of chum dripping out of the chum bucket. Then he became quite interested in us. His size and attitude were quite imposing, he was defiantly showing us who’s boss. This was his Chum and he didn’t want to share. The shark stayed close, repeatedly went for the tuna head and was also coming very close to us. Never being aggressive but defiantly showing us he was not afraid of us humans. He was checking us out, close, very close! It was amazing and exciting. We got the two divers close together and shoulder to shoulder they watched as this beautiful shark demonstrated to us the perfect balance between power and grace. Unfortunately that same power and dominance didn’t allow any other sharks to get close to the boat, it was clearly his territory!

    We finished the day with a mother and calf whale. The calf happily breaching from the surface. Just as we were about to leave the Mother did a huge breach, bring almost her entire body out of the water.

    When we have days like these we remember how lucky we are to spend every day in the ocean!
    Pelagic Safari



    Wind: NW 4-10kts
    Current: W Medium
    Temp: 21ºC / 70 F


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