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    Today we set out into a blue sky. Just after leaving the bay we encountered a group of three whales traveling W. They looked like they were on their way out, further along we came across a mother and her calf. These whales were very playful, they were swimming slowly on the surface, the calf breached occasionally the the interacted closely intertwining in the water, you could feel the mother love from a far.
    Once we made it to our shark spot we got the slick line going and enjoyed the hot sun and light breeze. After about 1 hour a Mako shark showed up. This was a male, about 2 meters long. He was calm in his approach, but would leave the area for every few minuets, like he didn’t really trust us. This shark looked like he had lived quite a rough life. He had many parasites on his fin and scars on his body. We got to admire him from quite close as he slowly glided in front of us, just 1 meter away. We were gaining his trust and he ours. It was a beautiful and calm interaction between us.

    On our way home we found a group of Sea lions taking in some sun on the surface. All five of them had their fins out, collecting the heat and waving us into the marina
    That’s a Pelagic Safari.

    Wind:West, 4-8 knots
    Current: west
    Current: medium
    Temp: 22ºC / 71,6 F


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