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    Today we set out into the pacific ocean in search for Mako sharks.
    The ocean was a beautiful deep blue and we were excited to explore it. As the craziness of the high season finally starts to slow down we remember what its like to look out from the boat and see nothing but ocean, No fishing boats or whale watchers in sight. Its a really peaceful luxury.
    We began the chumming strait away but quickly realized that the lack of current today was going to make it harder than normal.. After 1 hour the First mako showed up, its was very small, less than a meter long but moving fast, it zipped around the boat full speed, you could barely keep your eyes on it. It check out the boat for just a couple of min and left as quickly as it arrived. Still this let us know that there were sharks around and we had to be patient, about 2 hours later another slightly bigger Mako showed up. Again this Mako was moving quite fast, it was very attracted to flashers, he swam around the flashers for a second, and somehow managed to cut the line which happens to have a weight on the bottom, as the weight and line fell deep into the blue the shark followed it with excitement and unfortunately never came back. In the end the sharks did not want to play today.

    We decided to end the day with some whales. We were lucky to find a mother and calf pair. They were moving slowly and moving up to the surface unison. Amazing to compare their incredible size difference.
    As the whale season end we are so thankful every day we get to see them.

    Coming into the marina we were happy to see some sea lion friend coming up to say hello.
    A fantastic day out at sea.

    Pelagic Safari


    wind: 3
    current: 2
    clouds: 2
    viz: 10m 30ft
    temp: 21C / 69F


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