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    Today we set out extra early on Safari, we left the marina at 7am as the sun was rising, the sky lit up in shades of orange a red.
    The sea was flat and there was no wind whatsoever. We arrived at our shark spot and just moments later a large whale appread next to us, just as he was diving down giving us a sight at his beautiful fluke.

    Slowly but surely we got a slick line going and as the wind slowly picked up its spread further and further. After about 2 hours of a chumming: “Shark.”
    everyone came rushing to the see. It was a smooth hammer head about 1.5 meters. Staying true to their style the shark was shy, staying just far enough away. He cautiously circled the boat a few times before slowly making its way back out to the blue. Hammerheads and particularly smooth hammerheads are a timid species, they don’t like to get too close and rarely stay around for an interaction. None the less a beautiful shark to see on the surface, moving slowly and beautifully.

    As the day went on the wind got stronger and stronger, the waves were getting high and the boat rocked and rocked. The captain made the decision to head back to the marina, and just in time since as we arrived we got notice of the port closing.
    As we entered we were greeted by the resident sea lions.

    It was a great day on the water, enjoying its peace and power.


    wind: 1-4
    current: 2
    clouds: 1
    viz: 8m / 24ft
    temp: 22C / 72F


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