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    As we left the marina today we visited the emblematic arch of Cabo and the small local sea lion colony. The water looked a little rough we decided to head to the pacific, and we were very happy we did. We couldn’t believe the beautiful little creature we came across. A juvenile whale shark about 6 meters long was cruising along the surface. We cruised along side him for a while, but unfortunately as more boats came over for a look it got scared and dove down deeper and we lost track.

    We decided to head to our shark spot and on the way came across Mother and calf whales. The mother and calf were having a beautiful moment, the calf was copying everything the mother did. As the mother slapped her fins the calf copied, she breached then the calf would breach. It is amazing to witness the beautiful bond between them as well as watching the little calf learn.

    Finally we made it to our shark spot, and after just 40 min of chumming our first shark showed up, it was a beautiful bright juvenile blue shark. This little female was about 1 meter long. She was cautious but was amazing to watch her slide through the water. Suddenly she dashed away and disappear. Not a minuet later a Mako shark appeared. Then we knew why. The make was much bigger and stronger, she moved with power, and always approached from against the sunlight. The Mako was as usual as interested in us as we in her and created an incredible to interact with.

    Today Whales, Sharks, and a Whaleshark.
    Expect the unexpected.

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    clouds: 1
    viz: 8m / 24ft
    temp: 21C / 69F


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