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    Today we went out with the Keever family in search of their first pelagic shark experience.

    We first visited the magical Cabo Arch for a photo and to admire the beauty of this most southern point of the Baja peninsula. With the strong winds of the week still blowing we headed to one of our more protected shark spots. Every one was very eager to see sharks and conditions seemed perfect. After an hour the boys spotted a fin over the waves. It was a smooth hammerhead. Hammerheads are the shyest of the sharks we see around here and do not usually like to get close to the boat, unfortunately today was no exception. The beautiful shark circled the boat from a distance and decided he didn’t want to play. Still its so amazing to see them in the water. Unfortunately we did not have luck with more sharks, we decided to head out into the open ocean to see what we could find.

    It wasn’t long till we were surrounded by more than one hundred pacific white sided dolphins. The dolphins looked like they were hunting, swimming in different directions, they were jumping, tail slapping, and playing in the bow of the boat. These dolphins are known for their distinct markings and playful nature. The super pod had some very small calves. We tried so swim with them, but they were not interested in us, so we enjoyed the amazing acrobatic show they displayed on the surface. While following the dolphins we came across two very large adult whales. We continued to watch and follow these boastful creatures as they started their journey north. They cruised slowly and peaceful along the surface, frequently diving and showing their beautiful white fluke.

    As we searched for the whales we came across a friendly Olive Riddley turtle, We got in the water quietly and he was very happy to swim along with us. The turtle turned to look at the humans who observed him. We swam along with him for about 10min as he calmly paddled below the surface with us until he finally dove down to deeper and cooler water.

    A fabulous sunny day enjoying the beauty of the ocean.
    That’s a Pelagic Safari.

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