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    Family Safari day! We headed out to the open water with the De La Cruz Family, to search for pelagic animals from the surface and then a swim in the beautiful local coral reefs.

    The day started with a tiny sea lion pup that had managed to climb quite high up in the rocks at lands end. This little pup is likely to be about a month old, and only a couple of feet long. Probably the smallest we have ever seen in the Cabo area. As we left the rocky area heading for the blue we were followed by an adult Sea Lion. He was enjoying the attention. Playing and diving all around us.

    Later we came across and pair of humpback whales; mother and calf. The calf looked quite small and was probably born in the later part of the season. This is likely why they are still here, getting the calf as strong as possible before the big trip. The mother and calf were swimming in unison with the calf doing some small breaches now and then. The kids were all so excited seeing such and incredible and huge animal up close, an experience they will never forget.

    Swimming in the beautiful rocky reefs of chileno bay was also a new experience for everyone. We saw plenty of colorful reef fish, and even an olive riddley turtle as it swam to the surface for air.

    At Pelagic Safari we love to take kids to experience the real and amazing wild life of the ocean. Through these activities we are teaching the future generations love, care and the importance of the ocean.
    A salute to all our future ocean protectors.


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    viz: 10m / 30ft
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