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    Today we set out in search for sharks.
    Our divers joined us for their second Safari this year, this time they were excited for their first shark interaction.
    The water was looking very green and gloomy, but we had already expected this, since the chlorophyll reposts stated extremely high levels all around Cabo. In any case this was not going to stop us. “Its just how the sharks like it” says our Captain.
    So we started to chum and within just 1 hour we had the first blue shark. He was long and slender.
    Since the visibility was very low we decided to enter the water two at a time, so the first group jumped in and in just a few minuets the second shark showed up. Each group rotated every 20min and by the time group two was about to get in the water we had 4 Blue sharks and a Mako. All 4 of the Blue sharks were male and The small excited Mako was a female. The blue sharks were moving around all together, where one went, they all went. They all swam slowly in unison around us. The Mako as usual, moved very quickly in and out of site. Each sharks personality shone through. Some getting very close and personal.
    The lack of visibility made it extra exciting, and gave us all an additional adrenaline rush.
    We still had an amazing and close up interaction with all 5 sharks. At the end of the day we also got to hang out with a raft of friendly sea lions who could quite clearly smell the left over’s of our chum
    Today we have four new shark advocates, who’s lives have been changed today.
    That’s what Pelagic Safari is all about.
    Wind: 3-4
    Current: 2
    Clouds: 1
    Viz: 2m / 6ft
    Temp: 21C / 69F


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