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    What an epic day on the ocean!

    The first thing that got us excited was the color of the water, the ocean today was a beautiful crystal clear blue.
    After we checked out the majestic arch and Baja California’s Lands End with Josh, Natalia and Rodo, we headed to our shark spot.

    The water was very flat and with little wind we started to drift and our chum started to spread. Just minuets as we arrived we spotted a humpback whale as she dove into the abyss. Its very rare to still be seeing humpbacks at the end of April.

    After an hour a shy hammer head came over to check us out. There are plenty on smooth hammer heads in the area, but they usually don’t get too close and seem to be intimidated by all the commotion, still they can’t resist a peak.
    This got everyone up and excited. We saw a big spout not far from the boat, but this time it looked different from a humpbacks, and sure enough as it came to the surface for a second breath we saw it; it was a Fin whale. The second largest whale in the ocean and an honor to watch as it swam past and dove down.

    We decided to jump in the water too cool off. The infinite blue is always something to admire. Shortly after the first Blue shark showed up.

    The visibility was up to 30meters / 100ft and the shark glistened as it moved. This 2.5 mete male blue sharks is one of the calmest sharks we have ever interacted with. He would move slowly all around, staying at about 5m. Later a medium Mako about 2m showed up. The Mako as usuall was a lot more intense, zipping around with all her power and might. She would only stick around for 5 min at a time and then disappear into the blue for a while before coming back. In the distance a Silky shark showed up, but was maybe intimidated by the other larger sharks and decided to stay away.

    It was an amazing day with a magical interaction with these beautiful pelagic sharks.

    There is no where else we would rather be than Pelagic Safari.


    wind: 1
    current: 1
    clouds: 2
    viz: 30m / 100ft
    temp: 21C / 69F


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