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    Today was one of those WOW days on pelagic Safari! As we cruised north along the pacific coast looking for Mobulas close to shore we spotted a fin in the distance. At first we thought it was the usual common dolphins coming over to say hello, however on their next breath it was obvious they were not your standard dolphin, they were much larger and darker, as we headed towards them buzzing with excitement, one of the members of the pod breached! It was False orca, the cousins of the Orcas and another of the oceans top predators. Of course we got ready to jump in the water and get a more intimate look. The False Orcas were very interested in us, they would twist around to have a closer look at us too. They sometimes mimicked our movements in the water, almost making fun of us; we of course look very awkward in the water compared to them with their long, slender and agile bodies. We stayed with the pod for more than 2 hours. During this time they also gave us an aerial show breaching and turning in the air just a few meters from the boat. As we were swimming above them one snatched a small Mobula for a snack. It was a truly amazing interaction. We spent the rest of the day chumming for sharks and were visited by a large but timid silky shark. He was very wary of the situation and careful not to come too close but it wasn’t long till he became comfortable and gave us a very enjoyable interaction. A smooth hammerhead also came to investigate the chum but was even more timid and didn’t stick around. 

    All in all a memorable day in the ocean! This IS Pelagic Safari


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