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    Orca and Mobula Special Expeditions

    Orca Expeditions! May 2019 (and some of June 2019) was a very special time for us as we set out on our Orca Expeditions with Big Animals Expeditions and Shark Diver Magazine. We spent the month in search of the mysterious Orcas. All the expeditions were filled with excitement, hope and a little anxiety and a whole lot of fun. With such a large area to move in these transient orcas are hard to find. We had some life changing interactions with Orca pods of up to 20 members. We Sam some dominant males, some young calves learning the ways of the ocean and some beautiful females.  One time they allowed us to stay with them for more than six hours. They gave us some amazing memories both in and out of the water. These creatures are truly magical beings and we are honored to spend time in their presence. During the trip we of course got to witness some other magnificent ocean creatures such as Mobulas, giant mantas, whale sharks, spinner dolphins, white sided dolphins, common and bottlenose dolphins, turtles and array of ocean birds. It was an amazing experience and we can not wait for next season!


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