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    Today we had another amazing and divers Safari. Our main goal was to swim with the Mobulas, and of course we did! Just outside the bay we found a perfect shoal of more than 1500 Mobulas. They were steadily moving east but the shoal seemed to never end. As they moved gracefully below the surface we followed. We managed to stay with the same shoal for almost 3 hours. They  would occasionally split into many small groups and then rejoin into one immense mass. We decided to head to the pacific to try our luck with the sharks, on the way we were joined by a huge pod of bottlenose dolphins including two very tiny calves our guest shrieked with excitement as the dolphins congregated around our boat. At our chumming spot a large male Mako shark showed up in just 20 min. He was excited and intense and demonstrated his strength and perfect evolution to us as he charged through the water like a torpedo. We headed back into the open blue water and swam with a small group of about 6 Mobula Japanica, they are similar to the other Mobula Munkiana but quite a bit larger and have more defined markings. These Mobula are also in mating season and have been seen in abundance around Cabo lately. We ended the day with the marvelous sight of two Olive Ridley turtles mating. It’s very exciting for us to witness these events.

    A beautiful day on the ocean in the bountiful water of Baja California Sur


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