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    Today we headed out with our friends from snorkel venture in Asia. We wanted to show them just how magical our ocean here in Cabo is, and we got way more than we bargained for. Just as we left the marina, not more than 5 mins into our safari we spotted our first Mobula in the distance. We headed over to check them out and to our amazement, the mobulas were jumping right in front of our emblematic arch. A spectacular sight to say the least. After some awesome Mobula action both on the surface and in the water, we headed to our shark spot.

    We decided to chum at one of our favorite but distant spots.

    The water was very still and glistening blue, we couldn’t wait to get in the water. We chummed for quite a while with little luck, after 2 hours of chumming a silky showed up, and in the same moment, a huge whale blow blasted from the water just 20 meters away. It was a BLUE WHALE. We decided to leave the silky and head over to see this amazing creature, we followed for a while and watched its enormous body glide through the clear blue water. After about 10min on the surface it took its last breath and did a deep and long dive. We waited for more than 20 min for it to come back to the surface but we were no longer sure of where it was. Whales can swim extremely long distances on their deep dives. In the meantime, we were sidetracked by a gentle Olive Riddley turtle hanging out on the surface and decided to get in the water with him. He was just floating and not bothered or interested in our presence.


    Something amazing happened, we hear the captain yelling and pointing, the blue whale was coming to the surface just a few meters from us, we all got to see this amazing creature up close and personal. The beautiful whale even turned around to get a closer look at us as well. As she dove, and we dove down behind, taking in the magic of being in the presence of the largest animal on the planet.


    A day we will never forget!


    wind: 1

    current: 3

    clouds: 1

    viz: 18mm / 54ft

    temp: 26C / 80F



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