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    We started the day with one of our favorite ocean animals the Mobula Munkiana. A huge shoal of mobula congregated in the bay and we had the opportunity to swim with a giant shoal of about 1000 mobula. The water visibility was a bit green but you could feel there were hundreds of them all around. We sent the drone up and indeed we were correct. The shoal was one of the largest of the season in Cabo. As we were admiring the mobulas

    We got the call… You know THE CALL! The call to tell us that once again today was about to be a crazy day! ORCAS.

    We held on tight as we headed to the point where they were last spotted, it took almost an hour to get there and by the time we did, they had gone. The captain who had given us the call had also gone. We kept searching for over an hour, like looking for a needle in a haystack, and just when we were ready to give up, we saw that fin protrude out of the water with one little fin just beside it. It was a mother and calf Orca.

    It was a pod of 6 Orca hunting and eating in the deep water. They were all spread out which made interacting with them a little difficult, none the less we stayed with them all day. The interaction both in the water and on the surface were incredible. The calf was especially curios as we swam beside her and mother. The other four orcas coming in and out of range.


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    wind: 2

    current: 3

    clouds: 1

    viz: 20mm / 60ft

    temp: 27C / 81F



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