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    Mobula Japanica!

    The day started as usual with beautiful blue water and blue skies. We spent some time with the local sea lion colony around the Cabo arch as they played in the swell and dove down for some breakfast.


    We had high hopes for one of the last days with Mobulas, even though it is past the end of the season and they are mostly gone, we gave it a try and were lucky to find a small shoal of Mobulas. These were the Mobula Japanica, a slightly larger relative of the munkiana. They were moving in much smaller groups of just 5 to 10 individuals. However, their behavior is very different. They were courting, one female and a few males chasing behind, they glide magically through the water one behind the other as they twisted and turned in the sunlight.   ventral surface seemed to change color between blue and purple with every turn. They stayed close to the surface and were not bothered by us as we watched the beautiful show in awe. We spent ours with them, barely having to swim as they danced between us. We also noticed a bigger group swimming in a circle, about 10 meters below us.


    We decided to head to the Sea of Cortez to check out some colorful reefs where we swam with tropical fish and were lucky enough to have a turtle come and say hello. The local reefs of hard coral are very healthy and home to many species including some lazy white tip sharks.


    wind: 1

    current: 0

    clouds: 2

    viz: 18mm / 54ft

    temp: 28C / 83F



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