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    Marlin Safari

    OCT 30TH, NOV 3RD, 2019


    Our first official Pelagic Safari Marlin Expedition has come to an end and it was absolutely amazing. We had incredible in-water encounters with countless marlins. The magic of this small Mexican town and beautiful bay shone with no exception. Our amazing free-divers got to experience its sights and tastes for an unforgettable trip.

    We left Cabo on the morning of October 30th for the five-hour drive through the desert mountains and canyons. The striking landscape of the arid land with the sharp green cactus is it it’s self a wonderful sight to see.

    The action in the water exceeded everyone’s expectations. We got up at the crack of dawn to set out early into the calm waters of the bay. On the way out we stopped to visit various some fishermen who were harvesting clams, scallops or oysters for a delicious lunch later on.

    The ride out to the area where the sardine and Makarelle bait balls congregate is about two hours. Luckily we had incredible weather the whole week and the ride was calm and beautiful we could even appreciate the incredible landscapes. There were many different types of action but every day was spectacular.

    As we approach the area of the bait balls all eyes are on the birds. The birds tell us where the bait balls are and how deep they are. In the area, there were 100s of bait balls sometimes just a few meters from each other. Some of the best action we have ever seen.

    Day one we spent the first part of the day with some very fast-moving bait balls. The first bait ball we jumped with had more than 20 marlins changing it. The small bait balls move fast and get all our adrenaline running. After midday, we found a large static mackerel bait ball. The mackerel created a column almost 3 metres deep. There we more than 30 marlins slowly stalking the bait at depth and without warning would charge into the bait ball with a swipe whip of their bill cutting the mackerel in half. After the initial excitement, we all floated calmly on the surface and watched the Marlins in action. Many of the bait balls we accompanied by the local sea lions

    The second day we had the most variety of animals. In addition to some excellent Marlin Action. Today the bait balls were all small but the Marlins were active. The small bait balls are a bit more intense since they move a lot faster and we, the divers often find ourselves moving just as fast since they try to use us as cover. As we continued on the surface searching for those diving birds a large pod of dolphins swam by and we jumped in, the curios dolphins actually turned around and came to check us out various times as we followed them into the blue we came across a large raft of sea lions. They also stuck around played, we dove with them, they mimicked us as we mimicked them. To our surprise, a large Olive Riddley turtle appeared from the deep and came up for air just a few meters from us. While we were surrounded by all these animals a fast-moving bait ball came right past us and at least ten Marlins behind it. It seems this time the marlins were coming to us.

    The last day we started easy and decided to go visit the beautiful mangrove and Sand dunes unique to the area of Magdalena. The ride through the mangrove was spectacular, it’s easy to see why they are is so full of life as it is home to such a healthy mangrove. The beautiful shifting sand dunes make you feel like you are on another planet. When we got out to sea we took a little more time to search for the perfect bait ball and had a wonderful 40min interaction with a mackerel bait ball and dozens of Marlins. Later on, we got a call for a huge bait ball, it was an impressive sight to see.  Baitball at least 10 meters deep and 5 meters wide with a family of sea lions hunting and playing, the makarelle shift and into different shapes with such ease. There were skip-jack tuna that opportunely attacked from underneath as the sea lions pushed down. Even though there were no Marlins hunting here the sight was marvelous.

    We had three days packed with action and adventure. It is very important for us to explore and live these amazing experiences as they inspire us to continue to work to protect oceans and inspire others to do the same


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