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    Humpback Whales #expecttheunexpected

    We had a call in the morning reporting two humpbacks breaching around 15 miles northwest into the Pacific, so off we went in search of them first thing.  It was a clear day and the Sierra de la Laguna mountains provided us with an incredible backdrop on our journey. After several hours we were almost at the point of turning around when suddenly there it was, a spout! Dead ahead! The whale lingered and took three long slow breathes on the surface, before taking a shallow dive below. It was displaying resting behavior, with very slow movements and staying underwater for up to 20 minutes, and at one point nose dived languidly, flashing it’s flukes suspended above the surface.  We determined that our presence in the water wouldn’t disturb the whale, so we slipped in slowly one at a time and approached from a distance, only to be greeted with it swimming directly for us! She advanced towards us head on and then diverted slightly to pass us by, continuing on her way. We hopped back on the boat, buzzing with excitement, and then quickly resumed looking around for her to come up to breath again.  We spotted her slightly to the south, and this time with the amazing visibility we could see she was resting some 10m below the surface. Again we slide in carefully one by one, and floated above her with an amazing view of the whale hovering statically just below us. After about 5 minutes she shifted slightly and began to ascend gracefully just beside us, where she exhaled and then swam off unhurriedly to the south. The muffled shrieks of joy were audible through all our snorkels, the ocean karma was strong today!


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