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    Striped Marlin #expecttheunexpected

    We set out on a mission for whales, despite it being very early on in the season. We were cruising around looking out for spouts, and encountered several Striped Marlin surfing next to our boat, when suddenly the captain veered back to the north and we saw what looked like something pretty large floating in the distance.  As we approached we could see it was not in fact any type of animal, but a capsized boat! From the surface we could see a Wahoo and some bait fish accumulating, and as the captain made the call to the port captain to inform them of the wreck we decided to hop in and investigate.  It was a Bayliner fishing vessel with an outboard engine, completely capsized, but lucky for us it was beginning to attract some interesting life, including the wahoo we saw from the surface that continued to circle as well as a juvenile Mahi-Mahi. We snapped a few photos and collected information to report, and then decided to start chumming just up current from the wreck; about a mile from our planned destination.  The current was quite strong and we created quite a slick, but no sharks arrived, though we did attract an impressive amount of Shearwaters and were able to witness their diving skills in the water. After a few hours we picked up and heading back to the wreck to collect the GPS points to pass on to the search team and then returned to the marina; thrilled to have had such a unique experience on the water!


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